Wash & Fold
$9/lbs ($9/lbs)
$9/lbs, below 10 lbs will be count as 10 lbs
2 working days turnaround
1 Working Day Speed up service (exclude Saturdays and eve of public holidays)
Free delivery service
Minimum Charge $180
*Items other than regular clothing (such as thick towels, bathrobes, blankets, and duvets, etc) are need to be surcharges
*Curtains, sofa covers, and stuffed toys have different charges
Wash & Fold (1lb)
Dry Clean & Laundry
7 working days turnaround
6 working Day Speed up service
Free delivery service
Minimum Charge $180
Dress Shirt
Skirt (Short)
Sweater/ Knit Wear
Culottes (Short)
Waist Coat/Vest
Skirt (Medium)
Cashmere Sweater
Silk Scarf
Woolen Hat
Culottes (Medium)
Gloves (knitted )
Long Dress (Short)
Coat (Short)
Down Vest
denim jacket
Skirt - Pleated (Medium)
Coat (Medium)
Down Jacket (short)
Dinner Jacket
Raincoat (medium)
Down Jacket (Medium)
Down Jacket (Long)
sweater vest
Down Trousers
Wedding Dress
Acrylic Coat (Medium)
Plain Evening Dress (short)
Plain Evening Dress (long)
Skirt (Long)
Long Dress (Medium)
Skirt - Pleated (Short)
Long Dress (Long)
Gloves (Leather)
Skirt - Pleated (Long)
Coat (Long)
Raincoat (short)
Raincoat (Medium)
Shoes Care
$350 ($350)
Only takes 14 working days to process
Deep Cleaning + Repellent Services or Sole Shield Package
Free delivery service
Supported by Reshoevn8r
Speed up serivce is not applicable to this category
Household Dry Cleaning
$90-$200起 ($90-$200起)
10 days turnaround
Free delivery service
Speed up serivce is not applicable to this category
Single Bedsheet
Pillow Case
Summer Quilt
Curtain - per sq. ft.
Pillow - Cotton
Duvet/Feather Quilt
Duvet Silk
Duvet Wool
Duvet Wool
Quilt Cover (double)
Bed Sheet (double)
Carpet - per sqft
Pillow - Down