Wash & Fold
$8/lbs ($8/lbs)
$8/lbs, below 10 lbs will be count as 10 lbs
2 working days turnaround
1 Working Day Speed up service (exclude Saturdays and eve of public holidays)
Free delivery service
Minimum Charge $160
*Items other than regular clothing (such as thick towels, bathrobes, blankets, and duvets, etc) are need to be surcharges
*Curtains, sofa covers, and stuffed toys have different charges
Wash & Fold (1lb)
Dry Clean & Laundry
7 working days turnaround
6 working Day Speed up service
Free delivery service
Minimum Charge $160
Dress Shirt
Trousers (long)
Polo/ Sport shirt
T-shirt/Polo Shirt
Sweater/ Knit Wear/Cardigan
Trousers (short)
Skirt (S/L)
Waist Coat/Vest
Cashmere Sweater
Silk Scarf
Coat (Short)
Long Dress/Trousers
Coat (Medium)
Down Vest (Short)
Overcoat (with extra lining)
Quilted Jacket (long)
Down Jacket (short)
Dinner Jacket
Quilted Jacket (Short)
Skirt - Pleated
Down Jacket (Medium)
Down Jacket (Long)
Coat (Long)
Quilted Jacket (medium)
Wedding Dress
Acrylic Coat (Medium)
Plain Evening Dress (short)
Plain Evening Dress (long)
Shoes Care
$350 ($350)
Only takes 14 working days to process
Deep Cleaning + Repellent Services or Sole Shield Package
Free delivery service
Supported by Reshoevn8r
Speed up serivce is not applicable to this category
Household Dry Cleaning
$90-$200起 ($90-$200起)
10 days turnaround
Free delivery service
Speed up serivce is not applicable to this category
Pillow Case
Curtain - per sq. ft.
Pillow - Cotton
Duvet/Feather Quilt (Double)
Duvet Silk (single)
Duvet Silk (double)
Quilt Cover (double)
Duvet/Feather Quilt (single)
Bed Sheet (single)
Bed Sheet (double)
Carpet - per sqft
Pillow - Down