• General questions

BONI is your 24/7 laundry expert that picks up and returns your laundry when you’re ready. You can simply tap the BONI app, use our website or simply call us for ordering.

You are recommended to sign up as BONI's member,  which allows you to enjoy our high-quality laundry service and as we would keep a comprehensive records of our members, you could check your usage records easily. 

• Where will my laundry be cleaned?

In one of our top facilities near your home so that we can provide high-quality laundry service.

• How long does it usually take

It usually takes us 2 days for our wash and fold service and 7 days for dry cleaning.  We also offer "speed up" service, please click here for details.

• Special items

For special items such as sofa cover, curtain, stuff toys, gloves,blankets,quilt etc are not applicable to the normal wash and fold service,  please whatsapp us via (852) 95536877 for further pricing details.

• Can you remove all stains?

Our professionals will provide the best service. Please put “stain removal” under special request and understand that it may not be possible in every case.

• What should I do if I am not sure how my items should be cleaned? (For Dry Clean and Laundry Services Only)

Our professionals will wash according to the laundry label. If you cannot find it, please indicate the situation in special requests.

• What if my clothes are damaged in the laundry process?

In such extremely rare case, we would compensate you in accordance with our compensation terms.

Service of washing separately by bags

Please select "Wash Separately by bags" under additional service column if you need separate handling. If there is no special request, we would wash the items altogether.


• How am I charged for the service?

For Wash & Fold Service, it will be $9/lbs. For Dry Clean and Laundry Service, please refer to the standard pricing list.

• Free delivery service

Order over $180 will be provided with free delivery service.

Will you send me back the clothes with the bag I provided?

To avoid any confusion, we would send back your clothes with BONI’s laundry bags in general circumstances. Therefore, you are suggested to pack your clothes with normal plastic bags which you do not wish to regain.

• What should I do if my items are not listed on the pricing list?

Please contact us via (852) 95536877 for more details.



• Service details:
We provide services including Basic Cleaning*, Deep Cleaning Service* and Sole Shield Package*, please click here for details.

• How long does it usually take

Shoe-care service usually takes about 21 days.

• How do I place an order?

Please place an order by selecting "Shoe-care Services" in the "Place Order" page, we would contact you once an order is placed and confirm with you the details of your order.

• What's the difference between Basic Cleaning and Deep Cleaning Service

Basic Cleaning involves: removal of obvious stains and dirt from surface and mid-soles

Deep Cleaning Service involves: Inside and out replenishing including shoe laces, insoles and ridding of any odor*

• What exactly is involved in the Sole Shield Package

Applying Reshoevn8r Sole Shield has never been easier, with proper tools and trained specialists, protect your soles with Reshoevn8r

• Damaged items

We strive for the best quality services to customers. However, in such extremely rare case, we would compensate you in accordance with our compensation terms.

• Free delivery service

All Shoe-care Services enjoy free delivery service.

• Will you send me back the shoes with the bag I provided?

To avoid any confusion, we would send back your shoes with BONI’s laundry bags in general circumstances. Therefore, you are suggested to pack your shoes with normal plastic bags which you do not wish to regain.

  *Service supported by Reshoevn8r

The minimum charge per order is $180.00 for  Dry Clean and Wash and Fold service. If you have chosen Speed up service the minimum charge per order is $360. For Shoe-care service, you can enjoy the service with no minimum charge.

You can pay with credit cards (VISA/MASTER) or cash during drop off. 

It is not suggested to place the cash inside the laundry bag on the pick up date,  we will not be responsible for any loss.  

We no longer proivde any Asia Miles Offer.

For it happens that you need to change the payment method, e.g. you cannot pay by cash during the drop off, which, thus, a change of payment method to credit card is needed, please contact us via email : support@boni.com.hk,WhatsApp or call us (852) 95536877,then you can either place a new order yourself or we are happy to do it for you.

Our current delivery service does not applies to Islands and Tung Chung District, Sheung Shui, Fan Ling, Kam Sheung Road, Yuen Long, Tuen Mun, Sai Kung. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Individual arrangements will be made for the following areas:

- Clear Water Bay



The availability of delivery service depends on the full address, for details, please contact us by phone or WhatsApp at (852) 95536877 to confirm.



- Repulse Bay and Stanley



An additional fee of HKD$150 will be charged for each order.


We will send an invoice to your registered email after drop off.

Please WhatsApp or call us via (852) 95536877a day before the scheduled pick up or drop off date and update us about the new pick up or drop off location, no administration fee is required in the process.

Please clarify the location in the "Remarks" if the pick up and and drop off location are different.

You can freely do so 4 hours before the scheduled pickup or drop off time, otherwise, there is $100 administration fee.

​•No Elevator service provided in selected address?

If there is no elevator service provided in the selected address, $40 per floor extra charge will be charged. Taking 2/F as an example, including pick-up and delivery, extra charge of $80 will be charged.

• What if my Runner runs behind schedule?

Despite Runners’ efforts, certain circumstances like adverse weather and traffic jam are difficult to overcome, please contact customer service by whatsapp 95536877 or email us. So that we can make other arrangements.

• Why can’t I select certain dimmed pickup/drop off slot?

In order to ensure the service quality, there’s a limit for every time slot. We’re sorry about the closed time slot! Please choose another available time and we’ll see you then.

• Does adverse weather affect your service?

Yes, all pickup and drop off services are postponed for black rainstorm signal and No. 8 or 10 Typhoon Signals. We will notify you by app and email for rescheduling.

You may contact us by support@boni.com.hk, WhatsApp or call (852) 95536877. Our team is dedicated to make the app perfect and we would love to hear your feedback!

If no one answers the door and no instruction is given prior the delivery, e.g. to place it in the property management office, $100 administration fee will be charged.


If the customer chooses to cancel the laundry service after the clothes have been picked up, a $100 delivery fee will be charged (it is not acceptable to pick up the clothes at the store by yourself)

Please do not include items such as outerwear, bathrobe, carpet, blanket, quilt, sofa cover, curtain, pillow, stuffed dolls,leather, fur, cashmere and any items that should be Laundry or dry cleaned. Otherwise there will be an extra charge for each items that we have cleaned. Thanks.