What is this?

Wash and fold service

Either click on “Place Order” from our webpage or download the BONI app
Simply select the pick-up and drop-off time, service needed and fill in your contact information
Wait for our personnel to pick-up your clothes and sent them to our cleaning site
It only takes 2 days until all your clothes return home safe and clean

Do you have piles of dirty clothes sitting in the laundry basket and don't know where to start? Want to get rid of your dirty clothes in a few clicks? Why don't you try out our "wash and fold" service? BONI offers free pick-up and drop-off service so you don’t even need to step out of your home to get rid of your laundry problem.

In order to ensure the service quality, our professional cleaning team adopted standardised cleaning procedures. BONI could also cater all your special needs, for instance, to wash separately by bags or add incense paper or dettol. We always tries to exhaust every possible means to satisfies all your needs.

BONI "wash and fold" service charges 7 dollars per pound and the pick up or drop off location won't affect the price. Free delivery will be provided for orders cost over $150. Try our service now, by clicking the "place order" button, and enjoy our top-class service at such a discounted price.