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Dry clean and laundry service

Either click on “Place Order” from our webpage or download the BONI app
Simply select the pick-up and drop-off time, service needed and fill in your contact information
Wait for our personnel to pick-up your clothes and send them to our cleaning site
It only takes 5 days until all your clothes return home safe and clean
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This service is suitable for any clothes requiring special care. BONI, the laundry expert, provides professional dry clean service and we take care of a wide range of clothings, including but not limited to trousers, tie, skirt, sports shirt, pillowcase, shawl, duvet quilt, stuffed toys and curtain. A special solvent will be deployed in handling your clothes.

We also provide laundry service to shirt and uniform and we guarantee that all your clothes are treated with great care. With just a click on our web page or on the BONI app, our professional "runners" would come to your place and pick-up your order and send them to our cleaning sites. The whole process would only take 4 days or you could also request our "speed up" service, which would shorten the whole process into 2 days. BONI, always here to handle your laundry problems.