What is this?

Bag laundry service

Either click on “Place Order” from our webpage or download the BONI app
Simply select the pick-up and drop-off time, service needed and fill in your contact information
Wait for our personnel to pick-up your clothes and sent them to our cleaning site
It only takes 2 days until all your clothes return home safe and clean

"Wash and fold" service isn't the only charging scheme we offer. BONI also offers the bag laundry service, which cost only $99 per bag, with free pick-up and drop-off service included.

The BONI laundry bag is about 70cm x 60cm and all you need to do is to put all your dirty clothes inside the BONI laundry bag. Whatever comes in the bag, we will wash them. This charging plan offers you with the flexibility to choose the service that most suits your needs and budget and most convenient to you.