About Us

Professional Garment Care
Web-based Service on Demand

We aim to change the daily habits of citizens, removing the hindrance of daily chores and create more leisurable moments.

Co-founder & CEO

BONI launched to provide laundry and dry cleaning delivery service on demand. BONI is the realisation and proof of raising living standards via technology, an online platform to build a bridge between traditional laundry and clients in the digital era.

Starting from August 2015, we joined Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation as the grantee of the Incu-App incubation programme, we dedicated our service to Hongkongers. Starting with laundry, we introduce a new way of living as we believe in the powers of changes and evolutions which will overcome any barriers.

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Our Investors

BONI is the starting point for investing in Asia or even global laundry business.
Since the launch in 2015, we actively pursue opportunities to expand our services worldwide.

If you agree with BONI’s belief and have interests in our global expansion, please contact support@boni.com.hk

Our Coverage

its charges are similar to those of neighbourhood laundry services, its service offers customers greater convenience and flexibility.




BONI 用家可在其網頁上或手機應用程式下單安排洗衣及乾洗,用家只需在網頁或手機 App 上揀選服務及選定上門收衫的時間,即完成程序,簡單方便。






The team believes that with a user-friendly online platform, the traditional laundry stores can continue to focus on providing professional services while BONI provides convenient delivery service and attracts more customers with campaigns.